Best Gaming RAM

Best Gaming Ram

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is essentially a space where your system stores information to be used. It stores frequently accessed program information and is used to make the whole system run more quickly.

For gamers they’ll be familiar with RAM and what it means to the experience. A lot of gamers build their own PCs and are searching for all of the best components, RAM is no different. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a regular then getting the best gaming RAM is very important.

The Importance of RAM 

Best Gaming-RamRAM, like all other technical components, is constantly being improved upon and updated. A lot changes every year with this crucial technology and if you don’t stay on top of it you’re quickly out of date.

RAM for gamers will basically dictate the speed of your games. It gives your computer the space to carry out processes more quickly. The more intensive the game or processes then the more memory is needed so having enough RAM is crucial to the performance.

With more RAM you can do more and get a lot more from your gaming experience. RAM is one of the least expensive elements of your laptop so there’s really no excuse not to have the best.

What to look for with RAM

For gaming you generally won’t need more than 4-8Gb. This is the space available and the more the better generally. Alongside size of RAM there is the frequency. This is measured in MHz or cycles. The two standard measurements of MHz you’ll see are 1333 or 1600, however they’re now making it with up to 3000MHz.

While the higher MHz may sound impressive, in reality for gaming the difference is negligible. The price tag however is a lot more, so unless you need the absolute hottest piece of tech available you will do just fine with 1600MHz.

DDR3 was the standard for memory in desktops for a long time. They have recently released DDR4 memory which operates faster and gives you higher levels of performance. It’s definitely worth looking out for DDR4 kit but DDR3 will do the job just fine.

RAM is generally cost effective but you can end up spending a lot on it. Our advice is to avoid doing this because the improvements you’ll see will be limited. You can do just fine with a standard piece of kit that is 8Gb and 1600MHz and save your money to upgrade other areas of your PC.

Best Gaming RAM 2017

There are a lot of technical details when selecting RAM for your PC but for a list of all the best out there and their specifications check out the Best Gaming RAM Reviews 2017 here.